Gus short for

gus short for

We are due in a few days and both really like the name Gus for a boy (we don't know gender). But we are torn about whether we should name. What are some options for full given names with the nickname Gus? I know that I had a student named Gus short for Augustin. It could also. Do you like the nickname Gus, but would prefer a more unusual route Do you like Gus as a short name, but are not so keen on Augustus and. Register to join the discussion, get discounts and. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, K. In Irish myth Aengus is the God of love, youth and poetic inspiration. Parenthood - why we love it. Register 3 er Already registered with Mumsnet? I don't really like Gus, sorry. Terms Privacy AdChoices RSS.


Baby Gus – RT Shorts


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